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#1 FAQ - Why is your website so basic? (read more) I get this question all the time :O) Here's a recent testomonial that does an excellent job of explaining our reason.

"Paul, Just wanted to let you know we got our backlit poster back from your company and it looks fantastic. Turned out better than we expected. Plus your customer service was great. All companies need to learn something from yours!!!"

Thank you, Mike G. for the kind words. It was our pleasure to provide the service.

You see, while other companies are trying to add every bell and whistle to their website to eliminate any form of direct interaction with their clients, we welcome your calls, emails and questions. Nothing feels better than working with people, ESPECIALLY when it comes to an online company. It's reasuring to speak to a professional, and we want you to feel comfortable, knowing you're making a sound decision, before you order through us. So, by all means, give us a call or send us an email with your questions. Experience friendly customer service the way it was always meant to be. Thanks for stopping by!

Paul Rosado

High-Qaulity Backlit Posters with
Unmatched Customer Service

If you're in the need for quality Backlit Posters (DuraTrans), you've come to the right place! At, ordering your Backlit Poster is an easy 2 step process, and to top it off, you get the following:

  • NEW! Thicker 10 mil UV-printed Polyester Film that will last for years!!
  • FREE File Evaluation for EVERY file uploaded
  • Backlit Posters IN-HAND in as little as 3-6 days! (Shipping rates apply)
  • FEDEX Shipping Services throughout the USA
  • NO FEE softproofs and re-uploads! (Florida clients pay appropriate sales tax)
  • RESPONSIVE e-mail communication for any questions you have
Backlit Posters Ship in 24 Hours! Backlit Posters offers 100% Guarantee Backlit Posters ships Priority Mail FREE!

At Backlit Posters, we offer a free evaluation of your arwork before you commit to placing your order. This, along with the quality of our final product and our excellent customer service, is how Backlit Posters maintains a 100% Customer Satisfaction rating!

Files 20 Megabytes and Smaller
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Files as Large as 2GB
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At Backlit Posters, we specialize in printing great quality custom-sized Duratrans at the best prices. Use our quoting calculator below to to price your project. And, if you're ready to order, once you get your quote, just click add to cart.

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Have Questions About Our Backlit Posters?
Feel free to browse through our FAQ. If you don't find the answer, we invite you to contact us via email or toll-free at the number posted on the top of this page.

What are Backlit Posters?

In comparison to a traditional double-sided poster, a backlit poster is a poster printed on a tranluscent polyester film coated with a formulated printing surface specifically designed for optimum performance in a light-box environment, which allows the backlit poster to "illuminate" when mounted in a light-box.

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What is the SHIPPING COST for Backlit Posters?

Everything shipped from ships via Fedex Ground, unless expedited shipping is requested. Our rates are VERY reasonable, since we don't pad shipping whatsoever. If you'd like to have a shipping quote ahead of time for multiple poster orders, feel free to email us at with the size and number of posters you're interested in and we'll let you know what your total shipping will be before you order. The great news is, your posters will ship out within 24-48 hours, which means they will be in your hands in as little as 4 business days!

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What is Backlit Poster Material?

We've recently upgraded our material! Our Backlit Media is a premium large-format printing material made of 10 mil (previously 8 mil) matte-coated polyester film perfect for Movie Theater Light-Boxes, Retail Light-boxe Displays, Trade Show Light-Boxes, Home Theaters, Restaurant Menuboards, Mall Kiosks, Promotional Posters and any other light-box application you may need. Our Backlit Posters are printed at the highest resolution available, producing photographic-quality prints with rich, vibrant color saturation.

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What File Format and Resolution Should I Use?

When provided with files that are the proper file format and resolution, Backlit Posters can produce AMAZING prints that will exceed your expectations. While many file formats are acceptable (.jpg, .pdf, .tif, .eps, .ai), for the sake of simplicity and ease of providing your file, we highly recommend submitting your file to us as a Maximum Quality Jpeg or a PDF, in order of preference. When designing your Backlit Poster, it is important to design your file at the size you intend it to print at a resolution of 150-300 dpi. Submitting a file smaller than it's intended print size will require us to resize it which can decrease the quality of the final print. If you are not a graphic designer and are not sure what size or resolution you have, or are not able to correct a file, send it our way and we'll provide you with a free evaluation. Back to FAQ

What Color Modes Do You Accept?

Files should be created and submitted in CMYK. While RGB is fantastic for on-screen presentations, when it comes to print, many colors (especially bright primaries and florescent colors) will be out of gamut for printing. What this means is, the printer will automatically convert these colors to the closest "printable" color, which may result in an undesireable results in the final print. Bright blues will turn purple, bright pinks will turn a dull lavendar, etc. It is advised to design your files in CMYK to ensure that all colors will be within the printers capabilities. Back to FAQ

The short answer is no. Different displays show colors differently, depending on their calibration. And, while RGB colors may look one way on screen, they may not look the same in print. Our emailed or "soft" proofs are not intended to show color accuracy, but instead are an opportunity to 1) ensure that the right file is going to print; and 2) give the client a final opportunity to make spelling or graphic corrections to their artwork before going to print. Color matching is not a perfect science and is never guaranteed or implied. If you have concerns about any of the colors in your design, let us know when providing your file and we will be happy to help address those concerns. Back to FAQ

Do you offer custom sized Backlit Posters?

Absolutely! Custom size backlit posters are available at the following rates based on total square footage per poster.
  • $9 per square foot with a $20 minimum order price.
You can determine your total square footage by multiplying your height (in inches) x width (in inches) divided by 144. From there, you can determine your square foot cost by multiplying your square feet by $9. Minimum price of $20 for custom-sized requests.

Once you have your total square footage and cost calculations, email us at with your request and we will email you a custom invoice for fulfillment. Back to FAQ

How do I order my Backlit Poster?

Ordering your backlit poster is made easy through our two-step online ordering process. Simply upload your backlit poster file(s) for evaluation. Once you receive our response, you can continue by selecting the backlit poster size you desire and proceed with paying through our Paypal portal with any major credit card. Once we receive your order, your backlit poster(s) will print and ship within 24-HOURS. If you have quantities over 4 with your order, additional time may be required.

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Do your prices include Backlit Poster frames or displays?

No. The prices on this website cover your backlit poster print only.

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Do you sell backlit displays for your Backlit Posters?

While We don't offer backlit displays for sale as of yet, due to the volume of prints that we fulfill daily and the number of requests we receive from our clients, we're currently in negotiations with several backlit poster display manufacturers. We'll be excited to announce the availability of LED backlit poster displays, which have a life span of 100,000 hours! Unlike tradition backlit displays with CCT's, these bulbs never need to be replaced. And compared to the prices you'll find elsewhere on the web, we're looking to sell our backlit poster displays at about 30% less! So stay tuned!

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Can you design a Backlit Poster to my specifications?

Unfortunatley, does not employ the services of a dedicated Graphic Designer, so custom designs are not available. But, if we find small issues with a file submitted, we do have the means to correct them for you, typically free of charge, so long as they are minor.

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Do you print traditional posters on poster paper?

Not at this time. specializes in lightbox prints only.

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Am I a good candidate for Backlit Posters?

If you're in the market for a high-impact solution for displaying your service or product to the masses, whether it be in a storefront, restaurant, mall or convention, then YES, you and your business will definitely benefit from backlit posters.

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Is there any content that you won't print?

Yes. Our desire at is to provide quality products and excellent customer service. However, there are certain principles that we hold fast to. We pride ourselves in being a faith-based, family-run operation and therefore have chosen to reject requests made for posters containing explicit material, full nudity or promotional material for gentlemen's clubs. Such requests will be kindly declined, but we do appreciate the consideration.

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Do you have any stock Backlit Movie Posters for popular movies?

We do not. We specialize in printing files provided to us by our clients.

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Contact Us

At, all the work is done by ownership. It's our way of insuring that our clients receive the best quality in backlit poster products. For this reason, the best way to contact us is by email. Yes, it's a bit old-fashioned, but our emails are tethered to our cell phones, so you'll be surprised how quickly we will respond to your message.

If you have any questions about ordering your backlit posters, supplying files or just have general questions, please send them via email to or call us toll-free at 877-777-2340.

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